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  • Reading Ross Gittins on Economics

    I enjoy reading Ross Gittins' articles on economics. He is doing a great job of highlighting the many failures of the neoliberal dogma in Australia. ROSS GITTINS: What's kept us from full employment is a bad idea that won't die: Wages have risen in response to the higher cost of living, but have … read more

  • NextDNS or Pi-Hole?

    I’ve been using NextDNS for a few years to block ads. Previous to it I used Pi-Hole on a Raspberry Pi. With the terrible AUD-USD exchange rate, I’m contemplating a return to Pi-Hole, but this time via Docker running on a Mac mini. Does anybody have any experience with this setup? I don’t want to … read more

  • Climate Change Stripes for Perth, Western Australia

    Depressing; alarming. This is an emergency. read more

  • Today’s Advice: Don’t Get Old

    I know, the advice is meaningless because age is undefeated. The world turns, time moves ever forward, and we get old. If you can manage to avoid the process, though, I recommend you do. My latest ageing problem is a pulled back muscle that has entirely incapacitated me for one day, and three days … read more

  • Case Study: The Weekly Cost of an iPhone

    Hemispheric Views - Blog - Case Study: The Weekly Cost of an iPhone: During the episode recording I referenced the spreadsheet as I was describing my decision to buy an iPhone 15 Pro. I rattled off some statistics, but Martin (appropriately) suggested I write a blog post that provides the necessary … read more

  • I’m going to give Stage Manager another honest try on iPadOS 17, with “More Space” set as the display resolution.

  • Currently reading: Transforming the Difficult Child by Howard Glasser 📚

  • Really Specific Stories: John Gruber

    My friend and Hemispheric Views co-host Martin Feld was able to interview John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame for his podcast project, Really Specific Stories. It’s incredible the line-up of guests Martin has been able to assemble for this podcast series. Let’s fireball the feed! read more

  • Dr Drang's Shell Script for Blank Calendars

    A shell script for blank calendars - All this: I wanted a script to help me print out blank monthly calendars. Oh Dr. Drang, where have you and this script been my whole life? The steps I have gone to to get blank calendars in the past. Now I can simply run your script. Thank you! read more

  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, 2004 - ★★

    Some nice moments but this film felt like it ran for 4 hours. read more

  • Love this end frame quote from Young Sheldon. If this doesn’t describe Trump I’m not sure what does.

  • My Dad joke for today:

    Q: What do you call an extra vegetable?

    A: A-spare-agus.


    I’m here all week, folks!

  • I preordered an IPhone! This will be the first time I’ve had a Pro designation. My history as best I can remember it is: 3G, 5, 5S, 8, XR, SE, SE2, 13 mini. Soon to be 15 Pro.

  • Today at work I casually sketched out a swimlane diagram as I listened to a colleague describe a process. Can’t decide if I was a good management consultant for so many years, or I’m just a nerd now.

  • The Apple event was most underwhelming, even with low expectations. Evidence perhaps the iPhone in current form has reached its zenith. While I’m tired of having a too small for me 13 mini, it’s hard to justify the expense (and the environmental impact) of an upgrade.

  • Heading into another Apple event, and I’m not that jazzed about this one. It’s hard to be too excited when the most impactful development is likely to be USB-C. However, I am still looking forward to moving beyond my too small for my big hands iPhone 13 mini. Great in my pocket; not great in my hand.

  • I’ve cancelled my Backblaze account. Photos continue to be backed up across iCloud and Flickr. Everything else? 🤷‍♂️

  • I’m enjoying Kagi a lot. Am I seriously going to pay for a search engine? I’m not a normal internet user.

  • The Challenge of Podcast Discovery

    This article was originally written for the October 2022 edition of Hemispheric News, delivered as part of the Hemispheric Views podcast member bonus program, One Prime Plus. A couple of weeks ago I inserted a thread into the Mac Power Users Forum. Part honest question, part hopeful Trojan Horse … read more

  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, 2023 - ★★★★

    Just love the animation style. So impressive. read more