My glasses are not in the same locationn as me. How annoying. πŸ‘“

I needed a spreadsheet solution but couldn’t be bothered to design and build it myself. No problem, I’ll spend $5 on an Etsy solution. Pay the money; now waiting 72 hours for payment clearance. Awesome. That time-saving idea didn’t quite pan out.

A Family Affair, 2024 - β˜…Β½

A couple of funny lines and lots of Zac Efron muscle shots. Why the hell did I watch this?

Those shockwaves you just heard? Yes, that was me deleting my YNAB account. I’m now all-in on Actual Budget hosted on Pikapods.

You know you are back from holidays because once again the weekend is filled with laundry.

I hate getting sick while on holiday. πŸ€’

Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.

With YNAB leaning into a new branding of Yet Another Price Increase or YAPIβ„’, I’m trialing Actual Budget running on PikaPods. Early in my testing, but this could be good enough. Being in Australia I don’t get any of the fancy YNAB automation anyway.

Oppenheimer, 2023 - β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

A 4-hour flight was the catalyst needed to watch this marathon movie. I didn’t realise I was signing up for a political thriller. It kept me engaged so it must have been okay.

I’m copying Pawel and have set my MarsEdit quick entry to Hyperkey-P. Now I have to internalise the shortcut.

Anyone But You, 2023 - β˜…

A vehicle for both Sydney’s and other anorexic women. Bryan Brown must have grabbed the bag.

It was a beautiful day for a walk.

I hired a e-scooter for a bit of dumb fun. 🀣

I miss dunking on my kid.

I’m genuinely excited by what Apple has put forward in its WWDC24 keynote. xos18’s, Sequoia and Apple Intelligence all look brilliant. I’ve never been so excited for math worksheets.

It doesn’t matter how organised your task list is, you still need to do the task. I’ve procrastinated on my boots for two years!

Under Paris, 2024 - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

An environmental warning plus sharks eating people. What’s not to love?

πŸ”— ROSS GITTINS: The RBA has squeezed us like a lemon, but it’s still not happy

Problems such as higher world petrol prices and higher insurance premiums caused by increased extreme weather events.

I’d like to see Bullock put up a big sign in the Reserve’s office: β€œIf it’s not coming from demand, interest rates won’t fix it.”

Ross Gittins succinctly notes the disconnect in the Australian economy and the frustration of interest rates as a singular mechanism.

Mortgage holders, such as myself, have cut back and the data shows it. The problem is elsewhere, and so the solution must be also.

πŸ”— I really like everyone on my blogroll, but I’m sorry to say that it must die β€” Keenan

And, let me reiterate that I understand this was irrational, driven wholly by anxiety. These were inside thoughts, and inside thoughts are better left alone

Keenan has the best lines. I often listen to my inside thoughts even when I shouldn’t.

As They Made Us, 2022 - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Touching movie with great comedy from Bergen.

Got to love fire pit season.

Episode 112 of Hemispheric Views was one of the crazier ones.

The orange one being found guilty has made me so happy. He’s going to be so full of rage now - watch out America.