It was a beautiful day for a walk.

I hired a e-scooter for a bit of dumb fun. 🤣

I miss dunking on my kid.

I’m genuinely excited by what Apple has put forward in its WWDC24 keynote. xos18’s, Sequoia and Apple Intelligence all look brilliant. I’ve never been so excited for math worksheets.

It doesn’t matter how organised your task list is, you still need to do the task. I’ve procrastinated on my boots for two years!

Under Paris, 2024 - ★★★★

An environmental warning plus sharks eating people. What’s not to love?

🔗 ROSS GITTINS: The RBA has squeezed us like a lemon, but it’s still not happy

Problems such as higher world petrol prices and higher insurance premiums caused by increased extreme weather events.

I’d like to see Bullock put up a big sign in the Reserve’s office: “If it’s not coming from demand, interest rates won’t fix it.”

Ross Gittins succinctly notes the disconnect in the Australian economy and the frustration of interest rates as a singular mechanism.

Mortgage holders, such as myself, have cut back and the data shows it. The problem is elsewhere, and so the solution must be also.

🔗 I really like everyone on my blogroll, but I’m sorry to say that it must die — Keenan

And, let me reiterate that I understand this was irrational, driven wholly by anxiety. These were inside thoughts, and inside thoughts are better left alone

Keenan has the best lines. I often listen to my inside thoughts even when I shouldn’t.

As They Made Us, 2022 - ★★★★

Touching movie with great comedy from Bergen.

Got to love fire pit season.

Episode 112 of Hemispheric Views was one of the crazier ones.

The orange one being found guilty has made me so happy. He’s going to be so full of rage now - watch out America.

Slash Guy

On Hemispheric Views it has become a bit of a running gag that when I become interested in something new or different, the phrase, “I’m an insert interest here guy!” is unleashed.

Most recently this was raised in Hemispheric Views E112 when it became clear that “I’m a footy guy!”.

Robb Knight has formalised the collection of slash pages across the IndieWeb.

Persuant to that list, I hereby submit an RFC—not to the IETF—but to the RKTF (Robb Knight Task Force) to formally add /preferred-pronoun as another potential slash page.

For my purposes, that page would be entitled /guy.

Hereforth, as best as I can recall and in no particular order is my current list:

  1. I’m a pencil guy!
  2. I’m a beach guy!
  3. I’m a footy guy!
  4. I’m a dSLR guy!

🔗 22.00.0058 Get up early! • Johnny.Decimal

I don’t do much in the way of ‘life advice’, but here’s one: get up early!

As in, 05:00 early.

Today I woke up just after 5am. I read this post yesterday. I’m not pleased with Johnny’s undesired influence. I’m not a morning guy.

Dinner Preparation. 📷

I wish Apple sold a standalone Touch ID sensor.

Over the past few years I have made some amazing Internet friends. I’ve met people with whom I have much in common. The only problem is they are distant. How much I would love to find a friend who is local. Whom I could go to the pub with and talk to in person.

I sometimes wonder how other people live. At dinner time, what do they eat? How do they organise their evenings? Do their homes resemble my own?

I would love the opportunity to observe a bunch of other lives, in other homes. Are we all the same? Or do we differ wildly?

It’s a curiosity of mine.

The joy of a self-cleaning oven. Pyrolysis for the win.

Job satisfaction.

I’ve ticked many tasks off the OmniFocus “household cleaning” list. ✅

Respect our Overlords. A 3x2 submission for @martinfeld and @Burk

🔗 slash pages

Slash pages are common pages you can add to your website, usually with a standard, root-level slug like /now, /about, or /uses.

I’m particularly partial to /defaults and /save

I’m proud to be the commentator of the Perth Redbacks NBL1 team who is smashing out these numbers!