On Hemispheric Views it has become a bit of a running gag that when I become interested in something new or different, the phrase, “I’m an insert interest here guy!” is unleashed.

Most recently this was raised in Hemispheric Views E112 when it became clear that “I’m a footy guy!”.

Robb Knight has formalised the collection of slash pages across the IndieWeb.

Persuant to that list, I hereby submit an RFC—not to the IETF—but to the RKTF (Robb Knight Task Force) to formally add /preferred-pronoun as another potential slash page.

For my purposes, that page would be entitled /guy.

Hereforth, as best as I can recall and in no particular order is my current list:

  1. I’m a pencil guy!
  2. I’m a beach guy!
  3. I’m a footy guy!
  4. I’m a dSLR guy!
  5. I’m a slashpages guy now!
  6. I’m a crossword guy!
  7. I’m a soup guy!