Many years ago I started a Movable Type blog when the web was young, and doing such things was hard.

Then a young upstart named Wordpress arrived, and I couldn’t resist its modern design and dynamic database structure. I transitioned, and spent hours monkeying with CSS to get things looking just right.

Then the web became social, and I gave up on blogs. The big shift was to micro-updates and photoblogs and pseudo-conversations through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, respectively.

Gradually, the web became corporatised around these big brands.

Meanwhile, I was still loyal to reading blogs through RSS feeds and my Feedwrangler account (valé Google Reader). These blogs were where I got my web nutrition, not the vacuous Facebook shares and fleeting Twitter exchanges. Blogs belonged to people. They were hosted at personal domains and the work was their own. I used to be one of those people.

Time has moved on, and Movable Type and Wordpress are still out there, but I don’t have the time to invest like I used to, nor the interest to dig in, nor the will and desire to set up on a large-scale web host. So I am trialling a new approach. This time, using RapidWeaver and its very simple blog module. It seems too simple. It seems like I will find myself frustrated by its ‘simple’ approach. But that is probably all I need. I don’t intend to blog every day. I don’t even expect to have a readership.

This is just a hobby for me; a rekindling of something I used to do when I was younger, and when time was more available.

Let’s see how we go.