One of the joys of parenting is being exposed to children’s television. Much of it is as you would expect, which is to say, execrable.

A new Australian Show, Bluey, bucks the trend. It successfully encapsulates typical family life within modern Australia.

This article with the show’s creator goes into great detail about what makes the father character particularly great:

Equally refreshing is Bluey’s take on fatherhood. Bandit is a laid-back but resourceful dad who’s heavily involved in the day-to-day childcare. In his home office, he sits on a yoga ball at his desk because, as he explains to Bluey, I wrecked my back changing your nappies”. From cleaning to washing to school runs, Bandit navigates the drudgery of household life with calm assurance. He’s actually really competent,” Brumm says. He’s a good dad.”