Day 2 of Blogvember. A full list of prompts for the month is available.

I’m not a handyman. Never have been. When I was young, I would be roped into helping my stepdad do work around the house or on the car. I dutifully participated despite the boredom. I couldn’t find joy in repairs and construction.

As an adult my disinterest in physical work consolidated. Handyman tasks were a burden, made harder by the knowledge that my efforts would not match what could be achieved by paying a professional. I would rather throw money at the problem than attempt a DIY.

Now I’m a Dad and my son has to build a wooden Kub Kar as part of his Scouts program. At the briefing session I saw the thrill and excitement of other kids… and other Dads. Meanwhile, I felt dread. Here it was: a construction/woodworking project that I would have to motivate my kid to get involved in. While simultaneously trying to motivate myself.

This has to become a car.

In my boy I can see the same mindset I had as a child. He’s not showing any desire to work with tools to build an impressive car. I imagine those other kids with their Dads, working away in the shed to build something great. Meanwhile, we’re just trying to build something that will roll.

I’m trying to be a good Dad. I’m trying to show interest. I hope my son will try to get engaged in the project.

Without skill, effort is all we have.