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I’m not a sneaker head by any means. Though there was a period when I was a teenager that I did pay a little more attention to the shoe world, and basketball shoes in particular.

Basketball Shoes

This was the era of Reebok Pumps and the original Air Jordans. When shoes were big and high tops were really high. Fluoro colours were cool. Modern design technology was getting started and companies were testing the limits.

The shoe I desired most during this era were the Nike Air Jordan V, in white. The blacks weren’t nearly as good. The white ones featured a silver feather inset on the side, and the way they had a thick side sole with some red flames just made them look brilliant. The mid-cut ankle made them look even more streamlined.1 These shoes were amazing. As much as I wanted them, though, our family budget said no.

Jordan 5

I did ultimately get a pair of Jordans. Unfortunately, they were the Air Jordan VIIs, which were about the ugliest version of Jordan’s released through that era. Oh well.

Jordan 7

My favourite basketball shoes ever were a pair of blue Reeboks. They were a lightweight material and were low-cut. They were incredibly comfortable. I was obsessed with blue shoes and these ones I got were fantastic. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of them at all. I’ve tried searching for them, to no avail. They were the greatest shoes I’ve ever worn, though.

Having worn these and many other basketball shoes over the years, I will say that Nike are the least comfortable shoe, while Adidas and Reebok tie for most comfortable.

Dress Boots

Outside basketball shoes, I had a pair of Doc Marten 8-holes, that were English-made. In fact, this was around 1997 so I don’t even think they were made anywhere but the UK. In any case, these shoes were absolute hell for about two weeks, ripping my feet up creating many blisters. I pushed through and they became the most comfortable boot I’ve ever owned.

Doc marten

Now I’m all grown up, and my favourite shoes now are a pair of RM Williams. These are great to wear but I’m going to go out on a limb and say they’re not as comfortable as the DMs.

Rm williams

  1. I wrote the description of this shoe from memory. I’ve now looked at a photo and I’m impressed by my descriptive accuracy. These shoes were heavily imprinted on my brain. ↩︎