These are my thoughts on the 2020 Apple WWDC keynote, presented in the order they occurred as I watched the show.

I’ve not yet read any other feedback so these thoughts are non-affected by groupthink:


  • The stagecraft and direction that Apple puts into these shows is amazing.


  • Widgets on the home screen - finally!
  • The new messages is great but still relies on everybody having iOS. Many of my friends are Android users, so I end up having to rely on WhatsApp. Even my attempts to transition them to Telegram or Signal failed.
  • That’s a kick ass wheelchair that lady owns.
  • No new maps for me In Australia.


  • Sidebars - like a Mac!
  • Search on the iPad seems like LaunchBar on the Mac, but it will probably be more like Spotlight, that is, not quite as good.
  • The new Pencil and Scribble feature looks great

Apple Watch & AppleTV

  • The scientific capability in Apple is incredible; the resources they can plough into movement sensing for exercise, surround sound, etc. is crazy.


  • Yes! Adaptive lighting. I’ve got some LifX bulbs and that app has dawn/dusk settings, but this looks way better.
  • Is it time for me to get some security video cameras for the house? Whcih ones are best and most future proof?


  • Apple have done translucent menu bars before. I still don’t like them.
  • The spaced out menus are ugly.
  • I wish I had friends who lived this perfect Apple experience of sharing ETAs with me, sending memojies, etc. It doesn’t happen in my world.
  • I’ve been trialling a bunch of different browsers over the past week. Safari might win me back just in time.

Apple Silicon

  • Of course it’s not called ARM Macs.
  • Apple have built a hell of a competitive moat with Apple Silicon.
  • Talk of Linux virtualisation but not Windows. I reckon that must be gone.