2020-08-31 Update: No, I have not found the fix.

I mentioned in Episode 15 of Keep Practising that my Logitech mouse was giving me the #$%@s with respect to the amount of judder and unresponsiveness on macOS. This problem exhibited irrespective of whether it was connected to Bluetooth or the Logitech dongle.

Good news. I may have found a solution. Early days yet, but since applying this fix I haven’t experienced the issue again.

I can’t take credit for the fix. That goes to ‘rubytraindriver’ on Reddit/r/MacOS.

The suggestion was to remove, and then re-add, both Logitech Options and Logitech Options Daemon from the Mac’s Accessibility options, within the Security & Privacy preferences pane, Privacy tab.

This simple - but entirely obfuscated and obscure fix - offers another example of how infuriating the Catalina macOS security model is for users.

I’m not on the Big Sur beta, but I hope that it does better at this stuff than Catalina.