🔗 Link Post: “How Work Became an Inescapable Hellhole”

Anne Helen Petersen writing for Wired:

The first part of this story describes a day of vacuous hell to me. I don’t know how people function that way, but I know many do. Reading the first part of this article makes me happy I’m older.

Later, we get this gem:

“When you “shoot off a few emails” on a Sunday afternoon, for example, you might convince yourself you’re just getting on top of things for the week ahead—which might feel true. But what you’re really doing is giving work access to be everywhere you are. And once allowed in, it spreads without your permission: to the dinner table, the couch, the kid’s soccer game, the grocery store, the car, the family vacation.”

It’s so true. Work can wait. It might feel it can’t, but actually, it can. Cut out the social media waste during work days and there is plenty of working time within regular hours.