We spent a few days at Four Elements Farm Stay in the South-West of Western Australia. I relaxed into it quite quickly.

The owner of the Farmstay, Pete, offered daily activities for the kids in the morning and the evening. While the ride in the ATV would have been enough, catching marron in the dam was even better.

These photos don’t do justice to the size of this bonfire. It was pumping out some serious heat. Necessary farm activities can be fun, as well.

The funniest moment was when we went catching tadpoles (and some baby marron). In the slippery mud, little Benjamin had a suction event. He landed on his butt. Bad news for Dad, who had to carry him a long way home on his shoulders. Showers needed!

The last day was an opportunity for cart racing. For those who have listened to Episode 3 of Hemispheric Views, this was very “A Race for Bill!”