Steven Garrity at Acts of Volition writes of the online services he pays for. This prompted me to make my own quick list.

Some of these links include referral codes, but that’s not the motivation driving this post. They do, however, help me out.

Internet Infrastructure

    Where I spend a lot of my Internet socialising time. It also hosts my blog, photos and podcast.

  • Blot
    An alternative blog that I set up mainly because I was interested in Blot. I really should be spread across two locations, but what can you do?

  • Fastmail
    For secure and private email and calendars.

  • iCloud
    My cloud storage of choice.

Software As a Service

  • Textexpander
    I rely on this for some templating. I don’t like it’s interface. If there was something better, I’d switch.

  • Inoreader
    Solid RSS reader that has many features I don’t use.

  • Harmonizely
    The only online booking system that works well with Fastmail.

  • Setapp
    I use enough of the apps provided through Fastmail to make it worthwhile.

  • Blackblaze
    I’ve been burnt by hard drive failures in the past. I hope never to have to actually ever restore anything.

  • YNAB
    I can only afford all these subscriptions because YNAB helps me budget for them.

  • Sanebox
    Keeping the clutter from my inbox.

  • 1Password
    Secure, unique passwords are mandatory in my world.


  • Australian Financial Review
    Got a 3-month discounted trial.
    Unlikely to continue past this month.

  • The Washington Post
    Got a cheap deal.
    Unlikely to continue upon its conclusion.

  • The Saturday Paper
    Got a cheap subscription.
    One of the few places for longer-form Australian journalism.
    I don’t love it though, and expect not to continue.


  • Apple TV+
    Still on the free trial but I’ve enjoyed enough of the content that I will stay.

  • Apple Music
    I’m in the Apple ecosystem and I like being able to call up music from wherever.
    Its playlists are never as good as the ones on Spotify.

  • Netflix
    It’s the default.

  • Amazon Prime
    Has enough content to keep us onboard.

  • Disney+
    Good value for the kids, and The Mandalorian.

  • The Unmade Podcast
    I laugh more through this podcast than any other.

  • NBL Pocket Podcast
    I am a co-host, so I have to support it!

  • Dithering
    An enjoyable and insightful bite-sized podcast. Pay for the things you want to exist in the world.

  • Like You Podcast
    A great relaxation podcast for children. I admire what the creator, Noah, is doing.

iOS Apps

  • Day One
    I’ve been journalling in Day One for many years. I run hot and cold with it, but I enjoy the metadata it captures in addition to my thoughts and memories.

  • Drafts
    Where text starts (when I remember). Used to kick-off OmniFocus templates for work.

  • Pzizz
    Coming to the end of a 5-year subscription.
    Used less than I used to, but is still helpful at bedtime.

  • AnyList
    Reliable shopping list and recipe manager.
    Contains a few random other lists as well.

  • New York Times Crossword
    Brain food, especially the earlier in the week puzzles!

  • 1Blocker
    I don’t like Internet ads, and this covers macOS and iOS.

  • Headspace
    I had a run of around 150 days, then I just… stopped.

  • Castro
    The Inbox has saved me, but I do switch between this and Overcast.


  • Readwise
    I read a lot. I’m using this service to try to help me remember it.

  • Flickr Pro
    An unused subscription. It houses a semi-complete photo archive.
    I don’t need this but I have a weird emotional connection to Flickr, despite hardly ever using it.
    I should get rid of this subscription. Life would go on.