My entire internet stack is being rebuilt. I changed ISP. The new ISPs connection uses a different protocol which wasn’t working with my Google Wifi, so I’ve temporarily reverted to my modem/router which has been in bridge-only mode for the past 3 years.

Now my wifi is faster than it has been in ages. Problem is, I don’t know whether it’s the new ISP or the removal of Google Wifi. So much for A/B testing. I do know that the last few firmware updates for Google wifi have been reported as being terrible for impacting overall speeds.Last night, before this change and after a weekend of research, I ordered the Asus ZenWifi XT8 to replace the Google devices.

So Google Wifi was always going in the bin, but now I don’t know whether I’ve set fire to a bunch of 💵 by buying the Asus, when I may have been able to keep the household running on my clunky D-Link DVA-2800 DSL modem/router.

Isn’t hobbyist computing fun?