SkedPal - the smart calendar app that schedules your to-do’s:

Do you thrive on schedules and action plans? Tell SkedPal the things you want to do and advanced algorithms will build a smart schedule for you.

I’m digging into this planning software, despite the 🚨 around some elements. Those concerns, namely being:

  • the current release v2.9 is creaky and ugly.
  • the beta v3 has been in development for over a year.
  • the last blog post was in mid-2020.
  • the user forums are quiet.
  • No CalDAV support so I have to do a Google two-step into my Fastmail experience.
  • it’s expensive.

Despite all of these misgivings, I am enjoying using it to schedule my days. It’s value proposition is the way it automatically time-blocks days based on all the task criteria while still taking into account your fixed calendar events.

This is basically the solution I’m looking for. So despite all the misgivings, I might throw my money at the company and see if it works for me.

At least as a paying customer I will apparently get access to the beta 3 software.