This month Hemispheric Views podcast is celebrating Nostalgic November. We are inviting listeners to share something from their history that makes them happy, be it a memory, a thing, an experience… whatever they like!

As hosts, we each contributed our own piece of nostalgia. This is how mine starts out:

I was in Year 5 at a new school. I didn’t know anybody. My previous school didn’t have a formal uniform and I’d worn velcro shoes everyday. Now at this new school I had to wear leather lace-ups, and I didn’t know how to tie laces.

Fair to say, I was nervous and apprehensive.

Until I discovered…

You can read the rest of my memory, or check out Martin’s and Jason’s too.

At the end of the month we will be sharing all the pieces of memory our listeners have shared with us.

If you would like to play along, have a listen to Episode 041 where we introduce the idea, then share with us. Simply send us a quick text, photo or video in one of the following ways: @HemisphericPod on Twitter with #NostalgicNovember; @HemisphericViews on; in our general Discord chat; or by email to