Yesterday we attended an event in South Perth with Australia’s new Prime Minister, The Hon Anthony Albanese MP.

It was an opportunity for him to introduce the newly elected Labor Members of Parliament from WA, and thank the volunteers that worked as part of the campaign.

My wife is a State Member of Parliament, representing Labor in the Seat of Victoria Park. In 2019 she ran for the Federal Seat of Swan. Hannah’s father and Prime Minister Albanese were colleagues in earlier Australian Parliaments (when Kim was Opposition Leader). As a result, Hannah has known Anthony Albanese over a long period of time.

This level of familiarity was captured, somewhat hilariously, in these three photos. My wife looks besotted! Should I be jealous?

The best thing about this event was how it was managed. It was held in a public open park. The area wasn’t restricted to only those specifically invited. I saw a couple cycle past, and stop to watch when they realised the Prime Minister was there. Apart from obvious police and security personnel scattered around, the event was open and welcoming. No metal detectors. No areas cordoned off.

The Prime Minister was amidst everybody else. He met and said hello to our two kids.

I love that I live in a country where this can happen. We don’t have any great fear of random shooters arriving. Our elected leader can mingle among the everyday people. This is what is great about Australian culture, society and laws. Preventing people from having guns means we can have a more integrated society. It builds democracy. It builds people’s rights; it doesn’t impinge upon them.

It is great to say that I’ve met Australia’s 31st Prime Minister. It’s even greater to say that I live in a country where I can.