Most people have a set of skills that aren’t monetised. These skills are often linked with hobbies or interests. Why don’t people make money from them?

Perhaps there is no discernible market for the particular skill. Maybe the joy is removed when a transactional element is added. For whatever the reason, humans are adept at many things, and we often only get paid for a small aspect of the overall talent inherent within us.

A large part of the economy is built around free labour in the form of volunteering (probably much to the disgust of neoliberals - unless they are receiving the fruits of the labour). Many volunteer in some capacity; whether it’s coaching their kid’s sports team, or sitting on the board of a not-for-profit organisation, or singing in their church choir. I’ve done volunteer work such as this, except singing in the choir. Nobody wants that.

What latent skills do I have that could be put to use for some small financial gain? And what are the associated downsides or limiting factors?

Skill Limiting Factor
Podcast editing & production Niche
Personal finance training Liability risk; licensed industry
Apple product know-how Apple Store and search engines
Basketball I’m not a coach
Personal productivity & efficiency YouTube domination

It’s a shame I’m not a handyperson. Physical labour continues to be one area that is clearly linked to a necessity—and a willingness—to pay.

However, if you see a skill of mine listed that you think could help you, let me know. I may be willing and able to help.