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  • I love international basketball. I like that every couple of years I see the Head Coaches of each nation, and I remember them only from the previous tournament. Somw coaches I love, others I hate. All based on tournament impressions. 🏀

  • That feeling when you’re enjoying the job of being a basketball commentator. 🏀

  • Looking forward to commentating #NBL1 West action between Perth Redbacks and East Perth Eagles, streaming on Kayo Freebies tonight. 🏀 🎙️

  • kayo-perth-willetton.png

    This week in NBL1 West basketball I am commentating Perth Redbacks v Willetton Tigers (women and men). These games will be broadcast on Kayo Sports Freebies. Watch the stream and enjoy my commentary!

  • Tomorrow I am flying to Karratha to commentate the NBL1 basketball game between Geraldton Buccaneers and Perth Redbacks. It will be streamed live at 7pm (+8GMT) if you want to watch. 🏀

  • Guest Appearance: Throwback Hoops Episode 46

    I was welcomed as a guest on the podcast/YouTube show “Throwback Hoops” Episode 46 to talk Australian basketball. We covered women’s world, cup, NBL Round 1, and gave our predictions for the league’s awards. 🏀 🎙 Podcast link read more

  • 8 days of basketball, 15 games, 8 podcasts, 2 silly videos, many conversations with basketball people, countless Twitter updates. The NBL Blitz in Darwin has finished, and I had a blast engaging with it as an accredited member of the media. I live a fortunate life. 🏀

  • Today at the NBL Blitz I’m cross-promoting @hemisphericviews 🏀 🎙️

  • NBL Blitz Day 1

    I am in Darwin this week as the National Basketball League is holding its pre-season Blitz tournament. All 10 teams competing to win the Loggins-Bruton Cup. I am attending all the games as accredited media, representing the NBL Pocket Podcast. These are my brief notes from Day 1. A venue where the … read more

  • Commentating NBL1 Perth Redbacks Games

    This season I have taken the job as a commentator for the NBL1 West’s Perth Redbacks. The NBL1 is the league directly beneath the national NBL competition and is broken into State-based divisions. I had to miss the first couple of games due to COVID protocols, so last night was my first behind … read more

  • As fun as getting back onto a basketball court is, at what point do I accept it’s no longer something I should do? Especially after possibly breaking a toe earlier in the day. Now my knee joins the injury party, not to mention the generalised leg soreness. 🏀

  • Random appreciation tweet for Wayne Simmons. He made playing basketball fun, and was a friend to me when I did work experience at 882 6PR and he was a sales rep. Anybody who played 🏀 in Perth probably knows Wayne and I don’t think anybody dislikes the guy. I hope he is well.

  • It’s so much fun recording NBL Pocket Podcast. 🏀🎙

  • It’s an honour to have a media pass for the Australian NBL on behalf of NBL Pocket Podcast. Tonight I joined the press conference to ask some questions of Hawks Head Coach Brian Goorjian 🏀

  • A new episode of NBL Pocket Podcast has been recorded and released. I’ve been into Australian basketball since 1987. This passion is entirely different to my other more nerdy pursuits. 🏀

  • I am proud to announce that NBL Pocket Podcast finally has its own home on the web. 🎙 🌏 🏀

  • I’m elated. Our Australian Boomers got the monkey off the back and won a bronze medal. 🏀 🥉

  • Great job Boomers, taking out Argentina. Now on to meet USA. 🏀

  • USA Lose Another Basketball Game

    This is what Damian Lillard said after the USA lost to France in their first 🏀 game of the Tokyo Olympics: “I think that’s why a lot of people will make it seem like the end of the world, but our job as professionals and this team and representing our country at the Olympics, … read more

  • Boomers beat USA again! 🏀