On YNAB, and the pricing outrage that I and other users are feeling: I can afford the increase. It’s ridiculous that it’s more expensive than Microsoft 365 or Adobe, but okay. But really it’s the poor communication, the tin ear they are showing (a budgeting app that promotes forward planning pushing a 100% price increase on people with a month’s notice), that they’ve dumped the news about this (via pop up which I didn’t see because I use NextDNS - that’s right, no official email), and then gone into hiding that bothers me.

I smell an Average Recurring Revenue/Average Revenue per User metric being gamed for an external equity play of some kind.

What they’ve ultimately done, though, is burned their hard won customer loyalty and goodwill. They’ve given a free kick to their competitors. It will be interesting to watch the space and see if anybody steps up to fill the void.