Last night our family and and some friends attended Explosive Pro Wrestling’s Reawakening XX show. This is EPW’s showcase annual event. Their Wrestlemania, if you are searching for a comparator.

At a sold-out theatre the company put on an amazing show.

I’ve always enjoyed wrestling and nothing beats being in a venue where everybody who is there “gets it”. No need to put up with the naysayers who talk about wrestling being fake, or silly, or whatever other negative comment they want to throw at it for some reason.

Make no mistake though, EPW is high-quality. These performers know what they are doing, are well-trained, and take it seriously.

IMG 3731

The Main Event for this show was a no-DQ situation, so it was more intense than one would normally see, and did push the boundaries. Full credit to the wrestlers because there is no way I would put myself through that kind of pain. Julian Ward defeated Mikey Nicholls for the EPW Championship belt and the kids were very excited to meet him at the conclusion of the event.

IMG 3736

This is the other great thing about EPW - it’s approachability. Kids getting photos with heroes is totally possible. The venue is a great size so you have an awesome view wherever you sit. It’s brilliant.

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