Not even a day, and there’s a new item of craziness I can add to my earlier list.

Elon Musk's First Email to Twitter Staff Ends Work from Home - Bloomberg:

The new rules, which kick in immediately, will expect employees to be in the office for at least 40 hours per week…

At least 40 hours per week? The standard working week in Australia is 38 hours. So if Twitter were an Australian firm (or perhaps for the remaining Australian Twitter staff), Musk is asking them to work in the office for more than the typical working week. And since it is “at least”, one presumes additional work would be required at home beyond those 40 hours?

Maybe he should have announced this before the firings. That might have minimised severance costs while still reducing head count.

Once again, we are provided evidence that wealth and intelligence are not inextricably linked.