Completed Dot Painting

Today I completed my first week at my new job. It’s been a whirlwind, but every day has been better than the previous one.

It’s been so many years since I started a new job that I wasn’t match fit in the process. I’d forgotten how to ‘start over’, so that in itself has been an experience.

Learning what is expected of me, and figuring out how to implement that without getting lost in the minutiae becomes the next challenge. I need to keep my head elevated and focus on the strategic objectives, without getting too deep into the weeds of daily tasks. An interesting juggling act to think about over the coming weeks.

Today, however, as part of NAIDOC Week, a bunch of the team got together to work on an indigenous-style artwork. We were provided with the starting template and then as a team we “completed the dots”. It was a great way to get to know everybody and bond while doing an activity that was quite meditative.

The team is a wonderful group. I haven’t done a team activity for such a long time, and this was a perfect way to end a first week at a new job.

I am also proud of the painting. I think it looks fantastic!

Early stages of the work Dot painting in progress Dot painting and paint tubs