Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.

    I miss dunking on my kid.

    It doesn’t matter how organised your task list is, you still need to do the task. I’ve procrastinated on my boots for two years!

    Got to love fire pit season.

    Dinner Preparation. 📷

    The joy of a self-cleaning oven. Pyrolysis for the win.

    Job satisfaction.

    Respect our Overlords. A 3x2 submission for @martinfeld and @Burk

    I’m proud to be the commentator of the Perth Redbacks NBL1 team who is smashing out these numbers!

    In my happy place commentating NBL1 basketball. 🏀

    A brick wall.

    Rocking a new pair of shoes.

    Those who listen to @HemisphericViews will know that I’m a beach guy! Here I am repping the show and a wetsuit!

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, 2014 - ★★½

    This feels closer to Star Wars than The Hunger Games. The plot to kill Catniss is possibly over convoluted?

    The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, 2013 - ★

    Just get to the good bit already. Oh, there is no good bit.

    Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret., 2023 - ★★★★

    More evidence that the 70s were the best. I remember reading this Judy Blume book (and others). Wholesomeness delivered to the sad 20s.

    Run Rabbit Run, 2023 - ★★

    The audio mix was terrible, but the film at least made me think. But can somebody tell me what the deal was with the face appearing in the memorial?

    Sideways, 2004 - ★★★★

    Such a fun movie but it feels like a movie from the mid 90s. A lot has changed in 20 years - more than I realised.

    Taking photos of signs @maique style. This one is a relic! Look at those seniors!

    The Family Plan, 2023 - ★★

    Not great but good family fare.

    Surely now I own all the Notes apps.

    The Lost Daughter, 2021 - ★★½

    Children really can be that annoying.

    The Sad State of Fibre Internet in Australia

    A couple of days ago I got fibre to the home installed (finally). Australia’s broadband rollout is a decades-long case study in political fuckery. Previously I was on “Fibre to the Node” which used fibre to the end of the street, then copper from that street node to my home. Now I have fibre all the way to my home, which is great, but the plans offered are still depressing.

    I used to pay for 100Mbps down/40Mbps up on copper and I would get about 88 down and 37 up.

    Now, with new fibre, my plan is 100/20. I get 107 down, and 18.6 up.

    Despite my nice new cabling, I’ve got a marginal improvement, all because our Internet plans have been bastardised.

    I could pay even _more_money to get 1000 down and 50(!) up, but they only guarantee 600/40. Nah, I’ll keep my money.

    It’s a sad state of broadband affairs here in Australia.

    Proud of my Podcast Productions

    Podcast Logos

    Several years ago I became interested in creating podcasts. As an early adopter, I’d listened to them for years. I decided I finally wanted to try the creation side of the equation.

    I’m proud of what I’ve achieved since that decision.

    Yesterday, two podcasts of mine were released on the same day. They show two different aspects of my personality and interests. I am incredibly proud of these latest episodes, but also the incredible run of consistent podcast creation I have achieved over the past few years.

    Hemispheric Views Episode 105 highlights my nerdy, techy side that is still linked with empathy and humanity.

    NBL Pocket Podcast Episode 268 demonstrates my knowledge and love for Australian NBL basketball, combined with great rapport with my friend, Joe Corr.

    Hemispheric Views is carefully and meticulously edited. NBL Pocket Podcast is a shoot-from-the-hip live recording. Two entirely different topics, recorded and edited in two different ways. I’m proud of being able to create podcasts in both forms.

    I’m also proud that I have the ability to edit and produce as well. Podcasting has given me a whole raft of skills that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

    I am proud of these shows. I am proud of myself for having the confidence and capability to produce these shows. I am proud that both have a large audience of listeners.

    Zoolander, 2001 - ★★★★

    I watch this film now and struggle to identify the cameos. Not all careers kick on, I suppose.

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