A few people are blogging about their current subscription software.

Here I am, jumping on the train.

I have a subscriptions grouping in YNAB so I’m referencing that to assist here. In writing this, I’m discovering that there are a few subscriptions without a YNAB category. I will have to fix that!

Even with YNAB, some of the cost estimates are fuzzy because of currency exchange fluctuations.

What might be most noticeable is the paucity of streaming services. I’ve gotten rid of them all recently, as my budget has changed, and their value quotient declined. I now only have Apple TV+ and Fetch (for ESPN) during the Australian NBL basketball season.

Service Monthly Cost AUD Logic
Apple One $24.97 I use enough Apple Services that the full deal is worth it. I share this cost, so only pay 50%.
YouTube $2.00 I rarely watch YouTube, but my kids love it, and I don’t want constant ads being driven into their brain.
NY Times $2.00 I subscribed on a sweet deal to play the Crosswords. Now I’m only playing Wordle and Connections, so this will go when the cheap option expires.
Xbox Game Pass $18.95 This one comes as goes based on the interest of my kids and I. I tend to subscribe for a month, then turn off automatic renewal. When we want it, I turn it back on again.
Micro.blog $15.00 The price fluctuates because of the currency conversion. Micro.blog is my digital home. It hosts my blog, it hosted my first podcast, and I love it.
omg.lol $2.50 My second home on Internet, which hosts my profile landing page, but is also my Mastodon instance. Adam is also a friend.
shoutouts.lol $2.00 Another indie service hosted by a friend, Vincent. It helps me profile things I like on canion.blog.
tinylytics.app $2.00 Also by Vincent, this service is a nice simple way to get a sense of which pages on my website are interesting to people.
Domains $10.00 You can’t be on the internet and not have a few domains. Key ones for me include canion.blog, canion.me and andrewcanion.com
Day One $3.00 I have been journalling in Day One for about a decade, and I enjoy having a private, safe place to put my thoughts. I’ve even used their book printing service. It’s excellent.
AnyList $1.34 AnyList helps me with my shopping, but also with my recipe management. I use it all the time.
Textexpander $2.17 I went away from TE for a while, but a friend works there, and I still enjoy the affordances it provides. They really took a lot of heat moving to subscription before most other providers did the same.
1Password $5.00 I would be willing to move away from this, but I’m part of a family group and I don’t love the idea of having to deal with transferring other people.
Fastmail $10.00 I have been this close to leaving Fastmail in favour of iCloud, but I don’t think I have the motivation. My subscription still has about 4 months left, so we will see how I feel then.
YNAB $8.00 It’s pricing is stupid, a bunch of their features don’t work in the Australian banking sector, and I’ve outgrown all their training. Yet it’s still the only show in town for keeping me on the financial straight and narrow, so it’s not going anywhere.
Flickr $15.00 I went through the cancellation flow last year, which netted me a big annual discount and kept me onboard. It’s basically a photo backup and not much else.
Microsoft 365 $9.73 I got a cheap subscription to the Family plan through my previous employer. I honestly don’t know if I even need it now, but am worried that I will cancel, discover I do need it, and then not have access to the discounted rate anymore.
Setapp $15.00 I’ve gone back and forth on Setapp, but have always kept it around. I have been onboard since launch and am grandfathered into a slightly cheaper plan.
Fetch $6.00 An Australian TV service that gives me access to enough ESPN to watch Australian NBL basketball.

So there we have it, my subscriptions as they stand in late 2023.