A couple of days ago I got fibre to the home installed (finally). Australia’s broadband rollout is a decades-long case study in political fuckery. Previously I was on “Fibre to the Node” which used fibre to the end of the street, then copper from that street node to my home. Now I have fibre all the way to my home, which is great, but the plans offered are still depressing.

I used to pay for 100Mbps down/40Mbps up on copper and I would get about 88 down and 37 up.

Now, with new fibre, my plan is 100/20. I get 107 down, and 18.6 up.

Despite my nice new cabling, I’ve got a marginal improvement, all because our Internet plans have been bastardised.

I could pay even _more_money to get 1000 down and 50(!) up, but they only guarantee 600/40. Nah, I’ll keep my money.

It’s a sad state of broadband affairs here in Australia.