I’ve been climbing and crawling around my roof space today running ethernet and installing security cameras. It was hot in the roof - after a few minutes I would emerge drenched in sweat. I would estimate it was around 60º up there.

A few hours after finishing I’ve realised that I’m not as young as I once was. I got an inkling of that in the roof when climbing through rafters and making sure I only stepped on the beams - and not the gyprock ceiling - my hips and legs weren’t loving it. Now the general soreness is setting in. I wonder how I’m going to pull up tomorrow. Probably not well.

The photo is one I took from the deepest recesses of my roof. We had to get cable from that corner to the other end of the house. Then do that same thing another 3 times. We got the job done. I owe a huge thanks to my mate Daz - without him I couldn’t have done it. What a legend.