After listening to myself interviewed by Martin Feld on Really Specific Stories I started thinking about the strange mixture of interests I have.

For fun, I thought I’d grab the main categories and represent them in graphical form.

Andrew has interests

Basketball is predominantly represented by NBL and NBL1 - not NBA.

Podcasting incorporates listening, and producing NBL Pocket Podcast and Hemispheric Views.

Productivity and IT & Tech almost bleed into one another to an extent. Productivity is about finding optimal ways of working, creating time and space through efficiency and clever use of technology where appropriate. This can be applied at a personal level or a corporate level. Application of effective productive measures is how I can often add value with companies I support as part of my day job. The IT & Tech portion has shrunk over the years, as this area has become commoditised and it becomes harder to tinker. Nowadays my focus is mainly on using Apple platforms to build nice workflows to support my own productivity improvements. I will let IT & Tech also capture the small amount of computer gaming I do.

Finally, politics encapsulates mainly Australian Federal politics and Western Australian State politics. I used to work in State politics; my wife is a State Parliamentarian, so I guess this checks out.

I wonder if there are any other people out there with a similar cross-section of interests?