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  • I’ve cancelled my Backblaze account. Photos continue to be backed up across iCloud and Flickr. Everything else? 🤷‍♂️

  • Severance Unboxing

    It was a lot of fun to host another Hemispheric Views live event this morning. This time, Jason was unboxing an official AppleTV+ Severance gift box he had acquired. The event featured Severance talk, Severance sound clips and music from the show - even some Defiant Jazz. There were many amazing … read more

  • I can’t figure out why Flickr has two different types of Pro badge. One is black with a square surrounding the word Pro, and the other is blue with a pink underline.

  • I’ve been exploring Flickr again. I’m still a Pro, so I should try to get my money’s worth.

  • Camera Comparison

    Today I pulled my old cameras out from storage. This was prompted by my trial of Glass, and the reminder that my Flickr account still exists. I haven’t had much time to do anything with them, except charge the battery and try to reset them back to a state where they were taking jpegs and … read more

  • Exploring Glass encouraged me to revisit Flickr. The latter is technically better (despite the bugs and UC mishmash) but people are active on Glass. If I could have only one, it would still be Flickr. Why can’t that site be more successful? 📷

  • Crowning Around

    Me and my boys. Benji refuses to smile for any photo.

  • Giraffe at Perth Zoo

    Giraffe It was amazing to be able to see the giraffes at Perth Zoo close-up yesterday. They have big heads! read more

  • Who does Flickr? I use it as a storage location, but I admit I don’t have a community over there. Now I’ve ditched Instagram, I wish it had more people and everyday photos in addition to the ‘high art' that tends to be its focus.

  • Coffee shop visit with my baby boy.

  • Our second boy is entering his Lego play phase. I’m thankful my wife colour-coded our massive stockpile of Lego to simplify reconstruction efforts.

    Beginning a build

  • We are enjoying the quintessential Australian summer caravan park holiday. Holiday feels

  • My 2019 Goodreads Year in Books

  • Gingerbread Cubicle Testing the @johnjohnston Flickr linkr bookmarklet. Many years ago, this happened to my office cubicle.

  • Park Within the Lines

    Park within the lines. read more

  • Gingerbread House Cubicle

    Roaming through my Flickr history, I came across this gem. We really smashed the Christmas decorating out of the park this year, as my cubicle was transformed into a gingerbread house. Gingerbread House Cubicle read more

  • Testing Flickr

    Just trialing an embed from Flickr, as I determine whether to re-activate my Pro account. _DSC0038.jpg read more