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  • So it seems I will once again be addicted to a Zelda game. 🕹️

  • I’ve bought Disco Elysium - The Final Cut because it was on sale on the Steam Store. Friends tell me it’s good. 🕹

  • I’ve stayed up too late playing XCOM2. I can never get enough of that game. 🕹

  • Don’t forget about micro.blog game days. Details, plus a downloadable .ics file can be found at microgaming.space Come and play! 🕹

  • Finished Firewatch last night. I’m besotted with Delilah. 🕹

  • Card of Darkness on Apple Arcade is fun and the drawing and animation is delightful. 🕹

  • Grindstone on Apple Arcade is fun. These games are killing my battery, though. 🕹

  • After months of enjoyment I’ve now completed Zelda Breath of the Wild. What an amazing game. Possibly the best game I’ve ever played. 🕹

  • I bought Untitled Goose Game for Switch today. I knew it was published by Panic, but didn’t know it was Australian made. Good to have supported the local industry. 🕹